S-ALR systems services

SLRTC-35- for ships in motions

Sealartec supplies its customers with cutting edge technology for launch and recovery of manned and unmanned boats, to meet the harshest conditions of boat operation at sea.

The ALR system is the leading technology today in aspects of safety, performance and reliability.

We are committed to supply our customers with systems that require minimum to zero adaptations from customer side, but with great impact on L&R capabilities.

The ALR system will be custom sized per each customer, depending on dimensions, displacement and CG of the vessels to be recovered.

S-ALR systems- for static ocean rigs

Launch and recovery from rigs at sea has different characteristics and needs than those of moving ships. It is the S-ALR that bridge the gap of this challenges and gives our customers the ability to deploy manned and unmanned vessel from high altitude static structures.

This service includes first survey at customer site, to determine the required scenarios of launch and recoveries, following a tailored L&R outfit for the exact needs.


Stern ramp safety enhancement

It is in our philosophy, that a boat should not be driven by force up the ramp, but to be towed in from beginning to end.

Any ship crew with stern ramp and any boat operator to drive up one, knows the dangers involved and the level of difficulty in achieving a safe recovery, especially in high sea state.

Sealartec is offering its customers, with a unique, super effective capturing devices and method that can be retrofitted to any existing stern ramp. Our system can capture a bow of any boat at practically any sea condition, with reducing the required skills of the helmsman to minimum.

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