Introducing the first fully Autonomous Launch & Recovery system for manned and unmanned surface vehicles

Our first systems are due to be available to our clients by Q4 2019


Innovative Solutions

Supplying our customers with a safe, fast and reliable fully autonomous launch and recovery (ALR) systems


Take the man out of the loop! We make automated launch and recovery systems for manned and unmanned operations


Enabling autonomous launch and recovery in harsh conditions of sea state 6 and speed of 10 knots

Simple Integration

The system requires minimal adaptations at the recovered boat or the recovering platform


It is our goal to implement the Sealartec technology into an international standard for safer seas


Adaptive Solution

A proven system for an automatic connection of any boat to any type of ship crane​

Robotic System

The entire process of L&R is done by automatic devices, starting from capture of the bow in motion, till the recovered boat is secured on board of the carrying platform​

Fully Autonomous​

The system includes an advances sensing and control algorithm designed to make it fully autonomous

‘The sea, once it casts its spell,

holds one in its net of wonder forever.’

– Jacques Yves Cousteau,

the challange
The operation of launch and recovery of surface vessels at sea is a challenging task.   Sometimes, it takes its toll

The Team

Amitai Peleg

Co funder & CEO

Amitai Peleg is a mechanical engineer in the field of marine engineering, holds a B.Sc degree in from the Technion Institute of technology.
Amitai has gained extensive experience at sea while operating a range of small to medium scale vessels and involved in numerous launch and recovery operations.
Some of the project he has been leading are in the field of autonomous marine systems and automation of processes at sea.
Amitai is motivated by the passion to create new ideas and solve physical challenges at sea.

Alon Cohen

Co funder & CTO

Alon Cohen is a Structural engineer with experience in the field of marine engineering, holds a B.Sc degree from the Technion Institute of technology. Alon has gained his experience in designing/overseeing various marine projects, from offshore structural design to inventing mechanical devices in the marine industry and outside of it. Alon is motivated by his love for the sea and a strong drive for innovation.
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