ALR-U for
UUV Recoveries

Despite the advancement of UUVs to achieve full operational capabilities, the intricacy of their Launch and Recovery (L&R) limits their usability in many scenarios. ALR-U, however, facilitates secure UUV recoveries at a distance from the ship without the need for human intervention.


Autonomous Recovery for UUV

Fully robotic
floating recovery

Innovative connection
system to UUV

Self maneuvering


Automated Lift Unit


command & Control

Bow Capture Unit & LPS

User Friendly

Intuitive user interface touch screen monitor

Intuitive user interface
touch screen monitor


Additional Hand Held Safety controller with push butons

Additional handheld safety
controller with push buttons


Standalone or connected to ship command and control

Standalone or connected to ship command and control


Configurable for user requirements

Configurable for user requirements

UUV Recovery process

Identification & Capture - side recovery

  1. Position Ship 50m away from UUV
  2. Launch ALR-U by the ship’s crane
  3. ALR-U maneuver itself towards the UUV
  4. ALR-U Automatically connects to UUV
  5. UUV is secured and protects within the ALR-U structure
  6. The ALR-U maneuvers both towards ship’s crane
  7. UUV Is lifted with ALR-U to ship’s Deck

the challenge- UUv recoveries

UUV recoveries heavily depend on manual connections by human operators to the UUV body or lifting points, often necessitating the deployment of an auxiliary crewed boat from the mother ship for assistance. When recovering the UUV directly to the ship, the significant difference in sea-keeping behavior between the UUV and the mother ship leads to numerous collisions and damage, prompting many users to restrict UUV recoveries to sea state 2.

Despite the global operational maturity and capability of UUV systems, the substantial effort required for manual recovery limits their operational potential. Developing a system and method to enable safe and autonomous recovery in challenging sea conditions is crucial for unlocking the full potential of UUVs in offshore assets.

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